Best way for SanDisk Data Recovery

Often mentioned as a Jump Drive or Pen Drive, SanDisk USB pen drive is a USB storage device, built to pass files from one source location to destination. This kind of storage device can hold different file formats such as video, audio, documents and many others in simple and robust way. Such pleasantly save files at times get missing from the saved location either because of users own mistake or due to some corruption. The only remedy to such situation is making use of the USB recovery Tool.

Generally users have got misconception that when the any file is deleted or lost due to some reason then it can’t be restored back. However, the reality is that when any file is deleted only data detail is cleared from the file system, hence, users have got one last option to retrieve them. One of the most common reasons of missing files from anticipated location is because of accidental deletion. Let’s have one such instance where this kind of deletion happens. Suppose that you have got SanDisk Pen Drive, which is filled with many junk files. Therefore, in order to remove them, you deleted number of data files. Later on, you came to know about some missing files. In such scenario, first of all you need to stop making use of the storage device and implement data recovery tool. To know more about deleted scenarios, follow this link:

The other common data loss circumstance over USB Drive is because of accidental format. This case usually develops when user instead of formatting some other drive, format someone else. Since, we know that when formatting is done on the drive each of the files get lost. Henceforth, no scope is left for manual recovery and need for application arises which can do USB data recovery after format. USB Recovery Tool excellently meets these requirements of users. Some of the other situations were data loss can happen are:

  • Deletion due to third party software
  • Improper ejection
  • File system corruption
  • Deletion while previewing
  • Format error

The files which are recovered by use of this software are in the same data format as it was before deletion or loss. The advantage of making use of this software is that it allows its users to preview the recovered files by simply following a few steps on the tool. While saving the recovered files, it provides an option to zip the files so that they may cover minimum memory space of system on which it is being saved. In case any user needs to recover any specific file then it can be attained by implementing file details while restoration is on. This software efficiently works on different versions of Windows and Mac based operating system. If you need more help to recover all data from flash drive on Mac computer, click on this link:

Note: If you have accidentally formatted or deleted any of your external hard drive, then also this software can proof handy. To know in detail about this topic click here:

Simple Steps for USB External Hard Drive Recovery

Step 1: Download and install USB Recovery Tool on your computer. As installation is completed launch its "Main Screen" as shown in figure a.

SanDisk USB Recovery Tool - Main Screen

Figure a: Main Screen

Step 2: Select the SanDisk drive from where file has been lost, from the list of available logical drives as shown in figure b.

SanDisk USB Data Recovery Software - Select SanDisk Drive

Figure b: Select SanDisk Drive

Step 3: The list of restored files from SanDisk drive will be as shown in figure c.

SanDisk USB File Recovery - List of Recovered Files

Figure c: List of Recovered Files

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