Tool to Retrieve Kingston USB Drive Data

Kingston USB drives have made it possible for you to store and carry important files around. While having all your important files stacked in a tiny portable USB storage drive  makes you feel good. However,  losing important files from a USB drive can also be very painful. If you have a backup of your important files, you can easily surmount the data loss. Nonetheless, if you lose your important file and don’t  have a backup then your day will turn into a nightmarish. In such cases, a good USB Retrieval Software will always help you to surpass the data loss.

Despite being a safe, secure and reliable storage drive, Kingston USB drive also has its own limitations. Under some circumstances, this pen drive may throw some strange errors, resulting in critical data loss. Such scenarios can even become very gloomy and disappointing if you don’t have a proper backup of your important files. In such data loss situations, no need to be anxious. As you can easily restore deleted files from USB drive by using the USB Recovery Tool.

The data from Kingston USB drive can be lost in several ways. Some of the most common data loss scenarios are listed below.

  • Sometimes while transferring data from Kingston USB drive to the computer, if you abruptly pull out the USB drive, then it leads to loss of data from USB drive. If you don’t have backup of lost data then severe data loss will be guaranteed.Now, only way to get back lost data is to make use of external hard drive recovery tool. To know more visit:
  • Sometimes while formatting one of the partitions of your computer, if you accidentally format the Kingston USB drive containing your important files, then critical data loss is definite. After accidental formatting, only option left out with you is using this data recovery software to rescue lost files from your USB drive. By using this software, you can effortlessly recover data from USB memory stick, pen drive, USB thumb drive, USB external hard drive of Kingston and all other leading brands with utmost ease.
  • There are plenty of other factors like infection of viruses, file system corruption, extensive rough use of USB drive, physical damage, software conflicts, unexpected system shutdown wile reading/writing files on USB drive etc might lead to critical data loss.

To overcome data loss in any of the above-described situations, it's always good to maintain a backup of all your essential files. Whenever you  face the data loss circumstance, a legitimate backup will always stand behind you. Furthermore, make sure that you have followed the proper plug and play procedure whenever you connect the Kingston USB drive to your computer.

If you lost your important files even after taking the precautions, no need to worry. With file recovery from Kingston USB drive, you can bring back lost or deleted files from Transcend drive also by using this USB Recovery Tool at your fingertips. This tool has a strong inbuilt scanning algorithm which scans the entire USB drive and restores all kinds of data with the help of unique file signatures. One can also use this tool to recover data from damaged USB drive.

Kingston USB Recovery Tool is a smart solution when it comes to recover data from corrupted, inaccessible formatted, and reformatted USB flash drives. It helps you to recover more than 300 types of popular file formats including images, text documents, video files, music files, spreadsheets etc. Moreover, it can also recover USB data on Mac computers.

NOTE: As file loss may happen upon Kingston USB drive, data loss can happen upon Verbatim flash drive as well. To know how to recover deleted files from Verbatim usb drive, visit this link:


Simple steps to recover data from Kingston USB drive

Step 1: Download USB Recovery Tool and install it on your personal computer and then open its home window  as shown in figure A.

Kingston USB Recovery Tool - Home Window

Figure A: Home Window

Step 2: Select the Kingston USB drive partition from the list of drives as shown in figure B.

Kingston USB Recovery Tool - Select Kingston USB Drive

Figure B: Select Kingston USB Drive

Step 3: The list of recovered data along with the description is as shown in figure C.

Kingston USB Recovery Tool - List of Recovered Files

Figure C: List of Recovered Files

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