Flash drive is a popular storage media, which is being widely used around the world. Data retrieval from drive is very easy and one can add or remove files from drive in very short span of time.

Consider a scenario, where you have copied your project files from your office system to your drive to complete the pending work at home. After going home, you have connected your drive to your computer, but the drive is not detected by your system. Later, you might have come to know that your drive has broken and so it is not detected by the system.

What you will do now? You have to present your work tomorrow in office and the drive containing your work files is not broken and not detected by the system. In such situation, you might have scared a lot and queried like 'Is there any way to recover files from a broken drive' to your colleagues Your drive may be broken because of the below mentioned logical issues:

Flash drive might have been severely affected by harmful virus or spyware, when you have transferred or shared files from virus infected system. Once your drive is infected with virus, then it gets broken as the viruses and spyware damages the file system of the drive, which is no longer useful.

In some circumstances, you might have abruptly ejected your drive from the system, while transferring the file process is carried out. Due to this reason, your drive might have become corrupt and broken.

Frequent power outage or fluctuations in power supply at the time of accessing data from drive might have caused severe corruption to your drive. As a result, your drive might have broken, which led to severe data loss.

Your drive might have corrupted and broken due to unwanted interruption during the format process. Or else, sudden power loss while moving data from computer to your drive or vice versa.

Therefore, to avoid data loss due to any of these reasons, it is required to maintain the legitimate backup of all your essential files. In case if you don't have the backup and asking yourself is there any way to recover files from the broken drive, then just relax and keep calm. You will easily get to know how to recover files from a broken drive by using the services of USB Recovery Tool App, which is specially designed to perform effective data recovery from broken drive. It supports data recovery from Sony drive, Verbatim, Lexar, LaCie, and other brands of drives.

Whatever may be the reason behind broken drive, this tool provides easy mechanism to restore files from broken drive in almost all scenarios. This App can recover files from a broken drive on almost all Mac and Windows based machines with ease. This application can also recover files from encrypted USB drive in hassle free way. It provides an option to preview all the recovered files in the demo version itself. You can sort out all the recovered files based on different file attributes like file name, file type, file size and date. By using this tool, you can easily retrieve data from external hard drive, pen drive, thumb drive, FireWire drive, SD card, xD card, MMC card, SDXC card, CF card, and other storage drives of all leading brands like Samsung, Western Digital, Transcend, HP, Sony, etc.

Few easy steps to recover data from a broken drive.

Step 1: Download and install trial version of USB Recovery Tool on your computer and launch its main window and select "Recover Drives" as shown in figure A.

Is There Any Way to Recover Files from a Broken Flash Drive - Main Window

Figure A: Main Window

Step 2: On the next window, you have to select a broken drive from the list of drives as shown in figure B.

Is There Any Way to Recover Files from a Broken Flash Drive - Select Flash Drive

Figure B: Select Broken Flash Drive

Step 3: After complete scanning process, a list of recovered USB drive files will be as shown in figure C.

Is There Any Way to Recover Files from a Broken Flash Drive - Recovered File List

Figure C: Recovered File List

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