Tool to Retrieve Damaged USB Drive Data

USB drives have made it remarkably easy to carry important data anywhere. It can be safely used to keep the backup files. Given its multiple advantages and extensive use, USB drives are also vulnerable to breakdown. If something like this happens, recovering important data would be the vital question that will arise in your mind. And this can be achieved with the help of an efficient file recovery software. USB Drive Recovery Utility is one such strong tool that will perform as damaged USB drive recovery with ease.

USB sticks are the best tool when it comes to safe and secure data transfer from one computer to another. However, sometimes due to extensive usage of USB drive, they get damaged. In such circumstances, USB drive would keep throwing strange errors. Furthermore, rough use renders the files inaccessible from damaged USB drive. If you have a backup then you can surmount the data loss. Nonetheless, in the absence of a backup, no need to bother. As you can restore deleted files from USB drive by using the USB Recovery Tool.

Prior to carry out damaged USB drive recovery, it's better to know how actually USB sticks are damaged, which might also help you to avoid data loss in the future. Some of the common data loss scenarios are listed below.

  • Sometimes USB drive might get damaged due to improper plug and play procedure i.e. removing USB drive from computer or laptop when there is a read or write process in progress. In order to use such corrupted USB drives further, it needs to be formatted. In case if the damaged USB drive has any of your important files which are not yet backed up, then chances of losing data are pretty more.
  • Occasionally when you connect the USB drive to the computer it throws the pop up message like format now. This must be due to errors in the file system and furthermore it damages the USB drive. Suppose if the user has kept some important files in such damaged USB drives which are not backed up, then the user has to forfeit his important files. But, if you want to easily recover all data after format, use this link:
  • There are some other instances like extensive rough use of USB drive, virus attack, file system error, etc might also result in severe data loss. To know more about any corruption issues over any USB brand like SanDisk, click here:

No matter how you lost files from damaged USB drive, USB Recovery Tool can easily restore files in a few simple mouse clicks. This tool can also recover data from Kingston pen drive and all other types of USB drives available over the globe. It has an inbuilt find option which helps you to search any particular file from the list of recovered files on the basis of various file attributes like file name, file size, extension and date of file creation. Furthermore, this tool supports USB recovery on Mac and Windows computers. It is a highly effective program that can act as damaged USB drive recovery for all kind of files on latest Windows 10, 8.1, 8, Win 7 and its previous versions. Overall, USB Recovery Tool is simple and powerful mechanism to recover lost data from formatted or reformatted USB drives as well as to retrieve deleted data. If you need more information about deleted file recovery on USB, use this link:

The following are the few simple steps for damaged USB drive recovery:.

Step 1: Download and install USB Recovery Tool on your computer and run its main screen as shown in figure a.

Damaged USB Drive Recovery - Main Screen

Figure a: Main Screen

Step 2: Select the damaged USB drive partition from the list of drives as shown in figure b.

Damaged USB Drive Recovery - Select Damaged USB Drive

Figure b: Select Damaged USB Drive

Step 3: The list of recovered files from damaged USB drive will be as shown in figure c.

Damaged USB Drive Recovery - List of Recovered Files

Figure c: List of Recovered Files

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