• It is one of the advanced software to recover USB drive data from Windows and Mac
  • Recovers all major file types like RAW, JPEG, TIFF, AVI, MP3 etc. on the basis of file signatures
  • User-friendly and easy to use software for both professionals and new users
  • Can be easily implemented on different USB drives such as SSD, external hard drive, pen drive, etc.
  • Embedded with a strong scanning algorithm that retrieves data in a simple and fast manner

Have you lost or deleted some of the valuable data after USB drive?

We generally prefer making use USB flash drive for transferring files from one stored location to another. Besides making use of it for transferring files, we also create a backup of some essential files. Sometime either due to user's mistake or system issues such essential files get missing. If you have got into such problem and wish to get back those files and folders from the USB drive, then simply make use of this USB Recovery Tool. This application scans the USB drive in few seconds of its installation and provides each of the files in the exact same format. It will help you whenever you have to perform damaged USB drive recovery on your Mac or Windows systems.

Let's check out some of the common scenarios where data might be lost from USB drive:

  • Accidental Formatting: Accidental formatting of USB drive may lead to severe data loss scenarios. This kind of unintended event happens when we wish to format some other drive but eventually end up formatting attached USB flash drive.
  • Error While Transferring Data: Many a time when file transfer process is aborted then it results in file loss. This basically happens when we try transferring files using CUT-PASTE command.
  • Mistaken Deletion: Deleting any of the file and folder from saved memory space is one of the most common phenomena. However, if the same thing occurs without any intention on the USB drive, then it can result in deletion of some crucial files.
  • Corruption of File System: File system is one of the most essential part of any USB drive. If due to any reason it gets corrupted then, each of the files saved over respective USB drive gets unreachable. Some of the prominent reasons for the file system are virus attack, malfunctioning software, usage of USB drive over a different system running on different file systems.
  • Improper Remova the l of Drive: In case if we remove USB drive without following any of the recommended procedure, then it is possible that each of the pre-saved files over USB drive may get unreachable.
  • Deletion by Third-Party Software: There are different applications on Windows and Mac system which can make any of the required changes with USB drive. If any of this software start to malfunction then it can result in loss of some important files.
  • Bad Sectors: Bad sectors get created over any of the hard disk drive due to inappropriate handling of hard drive. If some of the important part of USB drive gets permanently damaged due to bad sectors then it result in severe data loss.
  • Error While Changing File System: Many a time while changing file system, some kind of error happens. As this kind of error happen, each of the files present on drive gets unreachable.
  • Error While Changing Properties of USB Drive: If while changing properties such as changing accessible permissibility, sharing option, etc. some kind of error happens, then it results in loss of important files.

In each of the above scenarios, simply make use of this USB Recovery Tool to recover USB drive of different types in few simple steps. However to ensure that this USB retrieval software, in a best way, users must follow some of the measures, such as:

  • Formatting or reformatting of drive must not be done after any kind of data loss happen
  • Never save any of the new files and folders, because if some of the recently deleted files are overwritten, then it would be quite hard to restore files from USB drive.

Key features of the USB Recovery Tool

  • This USB drive recovery tool is the best and most popular Kingston USB recovery tool available over the internet.
  • USB Recovery Tool will recover deleted files from a USB stick on both Windows and Mac OS.
  • Capable to support all major brands of USB flash drives such as HP, Kingston, Transcend, SanDisk, Samsung etc.
  • By using the "Save Recovery Session" option you can avoid rescanning of USB drive to locate data that were previously present on the drive before any kind of data loss.
  • This USB drive recovery tool application has got smart built-in "Find" option to detect a particular sort of files after scanning in done on basis of name of the file, size of the file, format of file, date of creation and extension.
  • The trial version of this USB retrieval software is free, by which users can check its efficiency of recovering files before buying the product.
  • Any of you can make use of this USB recovery program upon different Windows and Mac operating system, including Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Mountain Lion, Lion, Mavericks, Snow Leopard, Yosemite, El Capitan, Sierra etc.
  • USB data recovery software has one of the simplest interfaces to recover USB drive without any kind of complexity or long queue of steps.

Steps to make use of the USB Recovery Tool

Step 1: Download, and install the free version of USB Recovery Tool on your system, plug USB drive to the computer, and launch the software. Then, from the Home Screen, choose Recover Partitions option, and then choose the drive representing the USB drive from the list of available drives, and hit Scan button to initiate scanning process, as shown the figure 1.

USB Recovery Tool - Home Wizard

Figure 1: Home Wizard

Step 2: Now the tool starts scanning the USB drive to find its lost, and deleted data, as shown below in figure 2.

USB Recovery Tool - Select USB Drive

Figure 2: Select USB Drive

Step 3: Upon the completion of the scanning and recovery process, it displays the list of recovered files. You can view the recovered data in two views- Data View and File Type View as shown in figure 3.

USB Recovery Tool - List of Recovered Files

Figure 3: List of Recovered Files

Step 4: Before saving the recovered files, you can preview each of the files by right-clicking on the respective file and choosing Preview option to ensure safe recovery of the files as shown in figure 4.

USB Recovery Tool - List of Recovered Files

Figure 4: Preview Recovered Files

Step 5: If you are satisfied with the recovery results of the software then activate the license key and save the recovered files at the location of your choice as shown in figure 5.

USB Recovery Tool - List of Recovered Files

Figure 5: Save Recovered Files

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This USB Recovery Tool has been updated to restore all types of files from USB drive after formatting. The upgraded version of this software will help you to recover data from USB external disk, pen drives, memory stick etc in simple steps.

This USB data recovery software is enriched with some new features to restore all data deleted or lost from flash drive on Mac computer. You can use this USB drive recovery utility to retrieve all types of files from USB flash on different versions of Mac OS X.

Now, you can recover all types of deleted files from USB hard drive by utilizing this upgraded version of USB recovery program. This USB drive recovery utility is enriched with new features that make it more prominent in deleted file recovery in various situations.

USB Recovery Tool USB recovery application can also be used to recover lost or deleted data from Western Digital USB hard drive on Macintosh computer.

For Leopard (10.5) and
Snow Leopard (10.6) Users

For Lion (10.7), Mountain Lion (10.8),
Mavericks & Yosemite(10.10) Users