Lost data from WD USB hard disk

Western Digital Corporation is one of the largest hard drives manufactures in the world. It is specialized in manufacturing both internal as well as external hard drives. The Western Digital hard drives are in a term called as WD external hard disk. People usually use this WD USB hard drive to store their important data, files, and many other documents. Due to its lightweight and compatibility, people can carry this WD external hard drive with their important files or data wherever they go.

However, there are some cases where your Western Digital USB hard drive cannot be opened or encounters an error message when to try to access it. Due to which you may lose all your important data stored in the WD external hard disk. The various situations you may meet and need to recover lost data from your WD external hard drive are given below:

  • Accidentally formatted the WD external hard disk without taking backup of the essential data.
  • Mistakenly deleted important files from the Western Digital hard drive and not able to find them in recycle bin folder
  • WD external hard disk might get corrupted and make your precious data inaccessible due to a sudden power surge or system crash
  • Virus or malware infection on Western Digital USB hard drive can erase some of your precious files or data stored in it
  • Data might get removed from WD external hard drive due to transfer errors while moving files to other storage devices

The Western Digital HDD asks to format: The execution of format error message, asking the user to format USB drive when he plugs it to a computer USB port, is also a quite common scenario. As you connect your USB drive to access USB drive files, it may throw an error that is "Disk in drive is not formatted. Format it now?", after which user may possibly end with formatting USB drive. Such kind of format error messages can be popped up because of improper USB drive removal process or when you use the same USB drive on computer based on the different operating system. Apart from above-described issues, the user may format it while attempting to format other logical partition. Similarly, you may select Format option mistakenly or in absent mind.

If you have backed up data of the Western Digital USB hard drive, you can easily restore it or copy it to your hard drive. If you don't have a backup then you need to use efficient USB recovery software to recover data from Western Digital USB hard drive. Similarly, it enables you to undelete USB drive files, which are deleted by Delete command, by a third-party tool or because of other reasons.

WD data restoration is now made simple...

USB recovery software is specially designed and developed by data recovery experts to recover data that is lost or deleted from Western Digital USB hard drive even after formatting or re-formatting the hard drive. It has an advanced scanning algorithm that scans each and every block of the WD external hard drive and recovers all your precious data back. Apart from WD external hard drives, this recovery software is strong enough to retrieve data from broken USB flash drive, the internal hard disk of the computer and other portable storage devices. This application is very simple and can be used by every individual to recover their valuable files and folders erased from any of the storage media on the computer.

Steps to recover data from Western Digital USB hard drive are:

Step 1: Download and install the recovery software on your system. Connect Western Digital USB drive to the computer and then launch the application. You will see the home screen with three option as shown in Fig A. Select the suitable option from the screen.

USB Data Recovery After Format - Main Window

Fig A: Main Window

Step 2: On the next window, select the appropriate Western Digital USB drive from the list of all drives as shown in Fig B. Click on next option to start the scanning process.

USB Data Recovery After Format - Select Formatted USB Drive

Fig B: Select Formatted USB Drive

Step 3: After the recovery process is over, a list of restored files along with description will be displayed as shown in Fig C.

USB Data Recovery After Format - Restored Files

Fig C: Restored Files

Step 4: Finally, save the recovered data to your preferred location either on the computer or some other reliable external storage device.

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