Software to Retrieve Missing USB Drive Files

"I have gone through a super data-crisis! While transferring pictures from the USB drive to my laptop, I found the file transfer process not responding, as it should be. I tried to cancel copy operation but I failed, as system was malfunctioning. Finally, I pulled out USB and now files are missing. Can I get back these missing files again?"

Yes!! Definitely, you can get back all your missing files from the USB drive and it is easily possible with USB drive file recovery software.

USB drives are very handy storage devices, which offer large storage space within very small size. USB drives such as pen drive, external hard disk, flash drives, FireWire devices etc are available as pocket size storage device, therefore, the users are preferring these devices to store their crucial data. With the help of these portable devices, the user can easily transport and save data from one system to another. Additionally, these devices are safe from various data loss possibilities. However, because of the user’s idiocy or due to some small mistakes, data loss is possible from the USB storage drives. Similarly, improper ejection of storage drives from various hosting devices is a usual action, mistakenly performed by amateur the users as well as by professional the users also.

While transferring data from a storage device to other USB drive or vice-versa, most of the user pulls out USB drive improperly and lose their important data. Generally, ejection of USB drives result in data loss because transfer process is interrupted and it results in the incomplete file transfer operation. In addition, your USB drive may be corrupted as a consequence of abrupt ejection process. Sometime, file system structure associated with USB drive could also be damaged after that USB drive becomes inaccessible. Similarly, it may result in the existence of bad sectors on external hard disk drives and files goes missing resided on particular bad sectors. However, when you find your USB drive data missing after such circumstances, immediately use the software to recover lost files.

One can avoid this data crisis simply by following safely-removal process. Therefore, you should always follow a proper way of USB drive removal procedure. Apart from this, always you should have a legitimate backup of important files on a separate drive. So that, if you find USB drive inaccessible or any file missing from the USB drive after improper removal operation, you can use backup to restore missing data. In case, if you are not prepared with suitable backup, use this recovery software to overcome data loss after inappropriate USB drives ejection. If it happens on any of your thumb drive, use this link for complete recovery:

USB Recovery Tool is a highly advanced application specially designed to restore missing or deleted data from the USB drives, which are manufactured by different brands such as Kingston, Lexar, SanDisk, Toshiba, HP, Sony and many others. Software brings an excellent expediency in file recovery from the formatted, corrupted or inaccessible USB drive, external hard disks, memory cards, FireWire devices, flash drives and from other storage devices. You can make use of this smart tool in recovering USB drive data by clicking on this domain, Using this app, one can retrieve more than 300 type files including raw image files, documents and other media files. Easy to use software that supports USB drives data recovery on both Windows and Mac machines. If you want to rescue USB drive on Macintosh systems, go through this link

Note: USB pen drive can get corrupted at any point of time. So, if pen drive users lose their valuable data from pen drive due to its severe corruption, then they can retrieve files from corrupted pen drive by following this link

Steps to Recover Missing files from the USB drive

Step 1: Download and install USB Recovery Tool on your computer and launch it. On the main window, select "Recover Photos" option as shown in figure A.

I Pulled Out USB and Now Files Are Missing - Main Window

Figure A: Main Window

Step 2: On next window, select the USB drive from the list of logical drives as shown in figure B.

I Pulled Out USB and Now Files Are Missing - Choose USB Drive

Figure B: Choose USB Drive

Step 3: Upon completion of the scanning process, a list of recovered files from the USB drive will be as shown in figure C.

I Pulled Out USB and Now Files Are Missing - Recovered Files List

Figure C: Recovered Files List

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