Formatted USB Drive Data Recovery

The USB drive is a small and portable flash storage device, which is used to store image, video, music, documents etc. very easily. It is also convenient to carry and exchange information between different computers anywhere and anytime. Since the USB flash drives are widely used to today, there is a better chance of data loss from it. You may lose entire data from that drive easily after formatting. Many of users format their USB storage accidentally and lose all files and folders easily. Data recovery after formatting is neither impossible nor a complex task today. If you have lost valuable information through formatting of flash drive, you can unformat USB drive easily using this prominent the USB Recovery Tool. This application performs formatted USB drive recovery operation ignoring the circumstances of formatting. It is an effective utility to recover files after formatting USB drive as a whole. This advanced toolkit can also be used to recover data from a broken flash drive, dead USB drives, corrupted drives, and formatted USB drives in a hassle-free manner.

You may lose files from USB drive through formatting in several instances such as:

Accidental Formatting: You can unintentionally format the USB drive while trying to format some unimportant drive on your system leading to severe data loss. For example, when you are going to free up some memory space of a useless drive, you may select the USB drive connected to the computer. It will remove all the files from that drive in a few minutes. Then, you should use this software to recover data from formatted USB.

Virus Attack: It is another important reason responsible for USB drive formatting. If USB drive is infected by a severe virus, it will be very difficult to access files from that drive. In such case, formatting of the drive will be only option to use that drive. If your anti-virus installed in the system fails to remove those viruses, you have to format that drive as early as possible. It results to complete loss of data from that USB external drive.

File System Corruption: File system of a drive keep s all information about files residing on that drive if it is corrupted in any reason, the USB drive turn inaccessible and all information will be missing. Next to file system corruption, you need to format that drive with a new file system, which results to complete loss of files. In such case, you will encounter an error message like “Disk not formatted. Do you want to format it now?". To restore data from USB drive after getting this error message, this restoration program will be the prime solution.

In any of these instances, you can employ this utility to recover files after formatting USB drive in a few simple clicks. It avails various amazing characteristics to retrieve intact data from USB HDD after through scanning. It can recover files from FAT, exFAT, NTFS, NTFS 5 formatted drive with utmost ease. It is very proficient to retrieve all types of files including documents, images, video files, music, application or other data on the drive. Moreover, one can utilize this same tool to restore data from thumb drives, SSD's, memory cards, flash drives on Windows and Mac systems.

Steps to Recover Files after Formatting USB Drive:

Step 1: Download and install this application on your computer and connect the formatted USB drive to it. After launching this tool, select "Recover Drives" option from the main screen.

Recover Files after Formatting USB Drive - Main Screen

Fig 1: Main Screen

Step 2: Now, choose the formatted USB drive from the list and click to "Next" to start scanning operation.

Formatted USB Data Recovery - Select Formatted USB Drive

Fig 2: Select Formatted USB Drive

Step 3: After successful completion of restoration operation, you can see all recovered files in a list. Here, you can preview them before saving.

Recover Lost Files from USB Drive - Recovered Data

Fig 3: Recovered Data

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