• A new generation tool to recover files from USB drive on Mac and Windows computers
  • Recovers all major file types like RAW, JPEG, TIFF, AVI, MP3 etc. on the basis of file signatures
  • User-friendly and easy to use software for both professionals and new users
  • Deals with critical data loss situations on USB flash drives in just few clicks
  • Embedded with a strong scanning algorithm that retrieves data in a simple and fast manner

Have you lost valuable data after USB flash drive corruption?

No need to panic!!! File system corruption happens more often with USB flash drives. In addition, it will only make situation more difficult for you, if you do not have the backup of valuable data. However, if you desperately need your files back then here is the fast and easy way to recover lost or deleted files and folders. USB Recovery Tool is one of the strongest tools across the internet for recovery of lost data. It will help you whenever you have to perform damaged USB drive recovery on your Mac or Windows computer.

Let’s see some of the common scenarios where data might be lost from USB flash drive

  • Accidental formatting of USB drive may lead to data loss conditions.
  • In some situations, you may turn off the system during transfer of data from USB drive. Due to this abrupt turn off, your data may be lost.
  • Files deleted from USB flash drive via "Shift + Delete" key combination will bypass Recycle Bin and creates data loss situation.
  • Damaged FAT file system of USB flash drive may lead to sever data loss condition.
  • Sometimes due to power surge, USB flash drive may get corrupt which will make data inaccessible.
  • Abruptly removing USB flash drive from the computer might even lead to data loss situation.
  • Some of the computers are very sensitive to virus. They can be easily attacked or infected by viruses or spyware. Sometimes the infection of viruses or threads may delete or remove a saved file from USB flash drive without warning, which further leads to data lost condition.

Therefore, it is always advisable to take regular backup of all your important files and folders stored on your USB flash drive before deleting files from the USB flash drive. And while formatting the USB stick, it should be very proper to avoid data lose.

Key features of USB Recovery Tool

  • It’s the best and most popular Kingston USB recovery tool available over the internet. Click on the mentioned link to know more in this context: http://www.usbrecoverytool.com/kingston.html
  • USB Recovery Tool will recover deleted files from USB stick on both Windows and Mac OS.
  • Capable to Support all major brands of USB flash drives such as HP, Kingston, Transcend, SanDisk, Samsung etc.
  • "Save Recovery Session" option in order to avoid rescanning of USB drive to locate data.
  • This application has got smart built-in "Find" option to detect a particular  sort of files after recovery in done on basis of name of the file, size of the file, format of file, date of creation and extension.
  • The trail version is free, by which users can check its efficiency of recovering files before buying the product.
  • It supports both Intel and Power PC platforms of Windows and Mac operating system computer.
  • Best suited and much preferred USB recovery tool for Mac OS X Lion and Snow Leopard. Click here to know how it functions on Mac based system: http://www.usbrecoverytool.com/mac.html

Recent Updates

Sony USB Flash Drive Recovery Tool: One can make use of Sony USB Flash Drive Recovery Tool to quite easily restore deleted or lost data including favourite photo collection, crucial documents, video clips, etc from formatted, reformatted or damaged Sony USB flash drive compatible with Windows and Mac operating system. For more information, click here http://www.usbrecoverytool.com/sony-flash-drive.html.

Make your USB flash drive password protected with this advanced application. Visit at http://www.usbrecoverytool.com/how-to-encrypt-data.html and know how to encrypt data on USB flash drive.

This software has been updated to restore all types of files from USB drive after formatting. The up-graded version of this software will help you to recover data from USB external disk, pen drives, memory stick etc in simple steps. To learn more about it, follow this site: http://usbrecoverytool.com/files-after-formatting-usb-drive.html.

This application is enriched with some new features to restore all data deleted or lost from flash drive on Mac computer. You can use this software to retrieve all types of files from USB flash on different versions of Mac OS X. For more help, click on this link: www.usbrecoverytool.com/flash-drive-on-mac.html.

Now, you can recover all types of deleted files from USB hard drive by utilizing this upgraded version of this restoration application. This tool is enriched with new features that makes it more prominent in deleted file recovery in various situations. To know more, visit this link: http://www.usbrecoverytool.com/deleted-files-from-usb-hard-drive.html.

This USB recovery application can also be used to recover lost or deleted data from Western Digital USB hard drive on Macintosh computer. For more details click on this link: http://www.usbrecoverytool.com/western-digital-usb-hard-drive.html

Steps for usage of USB Recovery Tool

Step 1: Download USB Recovery Tool, plug USB drive to computer, and install the downloaded software on your computer. Then open its home wizard as shown in the figure 1.

USB Recovery Tool - Home Wizard

Figure 1: Home Wizard

Step 2: Select the option of "Recover Files" and then select the USB flash drive from the available drives as shown below in figure 2.

USB Recovery Tool - Select USB Drive

Figure 2: Select USB Drive

Step 3: At this wizard, you will see a list of restored files as shown in figure 3.

USB Recovery Tool - List of Recovered Files

FIgure 3: List of Recovered Files

For Leopard (10.5) and
Snow Leopard (10.6) Users

For Lion (10.7),
Mountain Lion (10.8) and Maverick Users